LV= Advertising Campaign

Foundational Blocks


Smoothed Managed Fund

The brief was to grow the smoothed managed fund sector and normalise LV SM Funds as a mainstream advisor solution.

To achieve this it was necessary to evolve the advertising campaign for LV Smoothed Managed Funds and encourage financial advisors with a reason to suggest a smoothing bond to more clients. 

The existing campaign showed an abstract journey with green pathways through outdoor scenes, relating to a smooth path to retirement, but this did not achieve the objective of driving market growth or repositioning LV SMF in the minds of advisors. My solution was to position the Smoothing Bond as not just an option to offer to risk-averse investors but as an essential foundational building block for the majority of portfolios. The idea of a foundational investment block was visually represented by a Green Block in the Liverpool Victoria brand colours. 

The block was able to be used featuring LV= people, advisers and/or clients on the blocks, making the campaign very human and memorable whilst landing the message about changing perceptions and the LV SMF becoming a staple building block for investments.

I developed ideas for the art direction and style of the photography to be used with the campaign.

The foundational block idea was able to be used in print advertising, experiential events, and in TV and online video, or banner ads.